DKVirtual is coming, an immersive experience in a different reality


DKV launches the first virtual reality space offered by a Spanish insurance company.

A parallel world with a vast array of new possibilities with which you can:

  • Efficiently find out about the services we provide you.

  • Learn about DKV and our products.

Shall we discover a different reality?

In the virtual world, you will be able to interact with scenarios and objects that simulate reality, reflecting what DKV is and what it represents. We want to improve the welcome process and your experience through the tools offered by technology, which is why we've created seven different spaces where you can live new experiences:

1.- We welcome you and carry out an institutional presentation of the company and the virtual space.

2.- Use your insurance step by step. With product and cover information, as well as basic concepts related to insurance and user guides in which you'll also receive help from Nauta, our chatbot that will answer all your questions.

3.- Connect with digital services. With some of the company's main digital assets and links to download them.

4.- We're always available for you. With contact information, branches and WhatsApp.

5.- DKV Club de Salud y Bienestar. With information and direct access to the club.

6.- Activism, our raison d'etre. Where, in addition to activist campaigns and our podcasts, live events can be hosted.

7.- This is our universe. All the information about responsible business, the DKV Arteria art programme, the environment and Fundación Integralia DKV.

What are you waiting for to create your avatar? Discover everything this new space has to offer!

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