Going to the doctor with your healthcare card on your mobile

I'm a disaster. I recognise it. Being organised isn’t my thing. That's why digital solutions have saved my life

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My wallet has everything but money. Two debit cards (one's mine and the other's shared with my partner), a 3 Cuban peso banknote with the face of Ché Guevara, the public transport pass, a library card that hasn't been used since my beard started growing (long ago), allowance receipts of a company that I no longer work for, my ID card, an Allen wrench, a well-known perfume shop's member card, the supermarket's loyalty card and my DKV insurance card. In short, I'm not carrying a wallet, it's an archive, an archaeological tomb, a black hole with its own gravitational field.

When I used to go to the doctor and was asked for my insurance card, I would get nervous. It seemed like I was moving out. Worse than moving out. When I finally found it, the cold had already cured. It was a disaster.

But, that's changed: your digital card more at hand than ever

That's why I say digital solutions have changed my life. Now, when I want to go to the doctor, I just have to open my DKV Activa app, show my card with a huge smile of satisfaction and forget once and for all that black hole in my wallet.

Don't know how to do it? A call to peace of mind! It's very easy. Simply open your DKV Activa app and click on the "Card" section that you'll see on the screen's bottom menu.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Until now, you could only show your National ID card at any medical visit. From this month onwards, you will need to show your MEDICARD. Thanks to this system, you can use your mobile phone to identify yourself as a customer and confirm your consultation with the medical professional.

To make the process easier, we recommend that you install the DKV Activa app. This way, you'll always have it with you and avoid forgetting or losing it. And if you're like me, you'll also stop fumbling through your wallet. It's much more convenient! You can download it here!

You can download it here!


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