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Advantages of being a DKV customer

Life-long insurance policy

We have a commitment with you: that you stay with us as long as you wish. With this in mind, you'll enjoy a life-long policy if you've remained for over three years in your health insurance. As a result, we've included a non-cancellation clause for reasons of age and use.

Impeccable processing

We've improved how we process health procedures. What's changed? Our goal is that you only worry about your health.

In line with this, we've managed more than 230,000 authorisations without intervention, attended to more than 315,000 medical consultations without leaving home and saved our patients more than 1,573 hours on waiting lists. As, you already know, time is golden.

Everything you need to look after yourself

To round this off, we want to remind you of everything that your insurance includes, so that you can enjoy its services even without being sick. If you're prepared for it, you won't have to use these services when the time comes.

Jump ahead any discomfort with the on-site preventive programmes. You'll be covered in child health, oral health, prevention of coronary risk, early detection of diabetes... U

se the Quiero cuidarme Más health indicators to monitor your weight, amount of physical level, blood pressure... And join the challenges to improve your quality of life.

Both services are combined to offer personalised preventive programmes in Quiero cuidarme Más, with the support of a professional coach who will assess and monitor your progress in achieving a better performance.

You can contact us at
  • Private customer service for reimbursement: 900 814 390

  • Private customer service: 900 810 072

  • Emergencies/Medical lines/24-hour DKV

  • Practitioner: 976 991 199 | 900 810 074

  • Mutual society member helpline: 976 768 999 | 900 810 073

  • International insured persons: 976 768 998 | 900 810 672


At DKV, we are always by your side, more so when you need us the most!

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